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Heart of the Mine

Gem Bags Available for Home Delivery
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Order Your "Heart of the Mine" Gem Bags

Enjoy the fun at Gems of Pala at home with our Heart of the Mine Gem Bags. What will you find inside your bag? Screen these mine minerals from the comfort of home by ordering your bag today!

Mail Out

Heart of the Mine Gem Bags weigh 25 lbs (11 kgs) and come in a burlap bag with a plastic bag inner liner. Please watch our instructional video, which will demonstrate how to screen your raw fresh mine material at home, and, also what to look for. 
  • All sales are final
  • No returns accepted
  • All Heart of the Mine Gem Bags are subject to mail delivery service rules and restrictions in your area
  • Shipping and handling costs may vary
  • Mail service to the USA, Canada, and UK only
  • Expect 7 to 21 days for delivery once payment is transferred via PayPal to Blue Sheppard LLC
Please Note: No credit card transactions! PayPal only. When your order is shipped, we will send you an email with an expected arrival date and tracking number. Your transaction is secured and your details are never shared or available to any third party except Blue Sheppard LLC, PayPal, and you – our Gem Hunter! We have a special page where you can blog your comments and any photos of your gem and mineral finds from your Heart of the Mine Gem Bags.

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“Heart of the Mine” Bags to Go!

Take Out: It's very easy! Saturdays or Sundays from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Just drop in whenever we’re open and pick up your Heart of the Mine Gem Bag to go. We request you to bring cash if you are coming in person. 

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35940 Magee Rd
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Watch our brief video on how to screen at home.
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